I’m Getting There

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay on the website. I have a good reason, though – I’ve been busy writing. 🙂

My current WIP is Twisted (Twists of Fate, 2) and it’s coming along beautifully. For anyone who knows me, you know this has been a great undertaking and long in the making. I can safely say this MS will never give me writer’s block again! Yesss!

In keeping with the theme and in anticipation of a relatively quick wrap-up, I rebuilt my Twists of Fate series page. It gives you a little insight on the series as a whole, as well as the individual books.


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2 thoughts on “I’m Getting There

  1. Do you know or have a vague estimate of when this series will be out? I loved Connected!! It was really unique and, for it being a short read, it captured my attention quick and made me fall in love with the characters you have created. I cannot wait to read more.

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    1. Hi Yvette! Funny you should ask… I just finished the first draft of Twisted (Connected’s sequel) this week, and am starting final edits this weekend! The book focuses on two storylines. One part is a behind-the-scenes look at Rhys and Addison – everything that you weren’t aware of in Connected that directly impacted their journey. And wrapped around that, is another love story involving one of Rhys’ friends. I’m hoping to release Twisted in about a month or so, given the final edits and beta reads go well. *fingers crossed* Thanks so much for reaching out!! 🙂


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