Updates in My World

Hey there!

Hope everyone is have a great start to 2017! I, personally, am hoping it’s not as crazy-busy as 2016. So far that seems to hold true. 😉

As you all know, I’ve been trying to finish Crimson Eyes, sequel to Amber Eyes, over the past several months. Once again, my muse on this one has eluded me (slippery little bugger!). The progress on Crimson Eyes has been worked through in fits and starts over the years, but time and again I’ve gotten writer’s block. Rather than force it and have it come out less than what it can be, I’m setting it aside (once again) until it gets its voice back. I apologize to those who’ve been waiting for its release. If I could make it happen, I absolutely would.

In the meantime, I’m going to be temporarily pulling Amber Eyes from the shelves until I can finish Crimson Eyes, and book 3, Onyx Eyes. It doesn’t feel right to leave Amber Eyes on the shelf when I can’t fully commit to when I’ll complete the rest of the trilogy.

I am also pulling Impending Reprisals and Clandestine. I know these titles need some work, so when I gain some distance, I’ll be circling back around to them. (Hopefully.)

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been all about writing from the gut, meaning, write on whatever’s racing through my head. There are a couple of projects speaking to me lately: Harbinger and my Heaven Help Me series. I haven’t worked on either one in a while, so it was refreshing to hear their voices again…even if Harbinger decided to take a wild detour away from what I thought was the plot. Hmm. I’ll have to figure that one out. And there are a couple of new ideas floating around, spiking my curiosity. It’ll be fun to work on something with a completely blank slate and see where it takes me.

Anywho, that’s what’s up with me. I’ll post again when I have more updates to share. 🙂

Take care!



2 thoughts on “Updates in My World

  1. Hi! I wanted to send you an email, but I couldn’t find it anywhere and I didn’t know how else to reach out to you. I’m writing a comment because you’ve mentioned Clandestine here in your post. So quick story: When I was in high school, I used to read a lot in the site called Wattpad and I believe it was your book Clandestine that I’ve read there before. I loved loved loved loved it! Shared it to my friends back then and told them to read it. Now, I’ve been trying to figure out what book it was and who the author is for about 8 or 9 years now because it was suddenly unlisted on Wattpad. And I know I wrote a line from it somewhere, and I just found it. I searched it online and it pointed me to your Goodreads account and the book listing for Clandestine. I wanted purchase an ebook but I couldn’t find it on Amazon. In reading your post, I understood why this is the case.

    Did you have your work posted on Wattpad years ago? I really want to solve this mystery haha. I hope it is you and that I finally found you. And if you are, I hope you can finish Clandestine soon because I really want to read it again. 🙂


    1. Hi Anna! Great detective work – you found me! 😉 I actually haven’t worked on Clandestine yet, but I’m more than happy to provide an old copy. You can email me at JolynPalliata (at) iCloud (dot) com, and please let me know if you want mobi, epub, or PDF. I’ll respond with the format of your choice. Thanks for reaching out! 😊


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