Crimson Eyes…Another Update

Hi all! Bet you thought you wouldn’t see another update about Crimson Eyes so soon, huh? LOL Not that I’d blame you one teeny tiny little bit. This book and I – not a great history. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anywho, I actually do have another update for you. I finished what you’d either call an extremely rough draft, or a very detailed outline. That’s right – this book IS going to happen! Now I’m working on adding all the nitty-gritty stuff (very technical, huh?) to finish up the first draft. This is the part that takes awhile, so I’m anticipating a couple of months, at least. The good news is that writer’s block can’t happen because I’ve figured out the entire story line and where I want to go with it. The bad news is the “couple of months” part because… Yeah, well, that speaks for itself.

Wish me luck!


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