Heaven Help Me Series


Heaven Help Me, or Hell Have Me (Heaven Help Me, Book 1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

HeavenHelp_CVRKassie is used to the everyday bad luck occurrences plaguing her life. Tried and true to her nature, she has learned to smile and forge forward with her own personal mantra in mind: Heaven help me, or Hell have me. But after a particularly bad day, even her mantra can’t help, and her luck takes a turn. Though, whether it be for the best remains to be seen.

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Future Releases

First Halo on the Right (Heaven Help Me, Book 2) – anticipated release 2016

Introducing Life (Heaven Help Me, Book 3) – anticipated release 2016

Knockin’ on Angel’s Door (Heaven Help Me, Book 4) – anticipated release 2016

On Cloud Nine (Heaven Help Me, Book 5) – anticipated release 2016

Fire-Licked and Soul-Branded (Heaven Help Me, Book 6) – anticipated release 2016

Damned Dirty Soul (Heaven Help Me, Book 7) – anticipated release 2016

Redemption…or Not (Heaven Help Me, Book 8) – anticipated release 2016

Half-Cocked and Fully-Winged (Heaven Help Me, Book 9) – anticipated release 2016

The One with the Silver Lining (Heaven Help Me, Book 10) – anticipated release 2016

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